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About Me



Hi! I'm Shandra, owner and baker of Shannilu's Sweets! This business was a result of quarantine during the pandemic in 2020. I found I had extra time on my hands and always loved to bake, so I started baking again! I started with cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.


Wanting a challenge, I decided to try out baking macarons. To my great surprise, my first batch ended up nearly perfect! I was hooked. I played around with macarons and made them for friends and family until I decided to pursue my dream of owning my own bakery and started Shannilu's Sweets in November 2020. 


Shannilu's Sweets is named in tribute to my grandma, Marcy, who passed her love for baking down to me. My grandma nicknamed me Shannilu and I wanted to include that as a special part of my business. 


I look forward to providing you with macarons (and other sweet treats coming soon!)

My Grandma Marcy with one of her creations
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